Terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to all repairs completed by CannonRepairs:


By shipping your device to CannonRepairs or dropping it off at our locations you accept the following terms:


CannonRepairs is not associated with Apple in any way. The terms Apple, iPhone, iPad and iPod are all terms that are registered trademarks of Apple in the United States and other countries. We are also not associated with any other manufacturer, Samsung, Sony, Blackberry, Techno, Infinix etc


If a logic board or back plate is replaced on your device, the serial numbers will not match. This means that the new serial number will not correspond with your iTunes account.


There will be a phone reassembly fee for the no fix/no fee jobs if you want them sent back fully assembled and you are not charged a repair fee.

 If your device has a warranty issue that is not repairable we will refund the repair price minus reassembly fee.


In order to complete repairs on your device, it is necessary to remove any screen protectors, cases or other accessories. On some occasions removing these devices can result in them becoming unusable. Do not send by mail fully assembled iPads, cases, Sim cards or other accessories.  Send board only or board in back housing for iPads. Call in for exceptions. The customer agrees not to hold us liable for any damage to these items. Cannonrepairs will not replace these items. It is strongly recommended that you remove these prior to shipping or dropping of your device. We are not responsible for accessories sent with any device.  We are not responsible for damage to the device caused during shipping to and from us.


Water damaged devices to include water, humidity, sweat, drinks and other liquids cannot always be fully repaired except in rare cases. Cannonrepairs technicians will do their best to fix your device. If we determine that your device is damaged beyond reasonable repair, then we will mail it back to you.


Any device that has been unlocked or jail broken may have compatibility issues with the new hardware and the devices current software. This can cause possible instabilities at a later time. The customer agrees not to hold Cannonrepairs responsible for a loss of function due to this incompatibility problem, if it occurs.


Please ensure that you notify CannonRepairs of the specific firmware or software version that you want installed on your device, if your device needs to be restored.


CannonRepairs is not responsible for any lost data to include but not limited to music, videos, pictures, contacts, calendars, notes, settings or other data stored on your device. It is highly recommended that you back up your data before shipping your device or dropping it off at our facility.

Data Recovery jobs- data will be removed from our secure hard drive after 30 days of shipping.


If item is not is not picked up within 30 days, the item is considered abandoned. It will be sold to recoup the costs of repairs completed on said device.


Most devices are covered by a 1 year manufacturers warranty. If you are still within your warranty period, our repairs to your device will void your warranty. However, we can repair every aspect of your device and we offer extended warranties as well. Contact us for further details. We warranty all of our work for the primary solution that you were charged for. Eg. If you send us an iPhone 6 for backlight solution we will repair and provide warranty for a backlight- we do not warranty that device for any other issues that may have been present prior to sending to us or that show up within the warranty period.


We can only address warranty issues or refund repair costs if the device is returned to us for inspection. 


Payment is due upon completion of repair.


We assume any device sent to us also ACCEPTS these terms and conditions.